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Name: Aladdin


Usually 5 days advance notice is required for the cake order or subject to slots availability.

Please reach us out at 94511124 (Whatsapp) should you need a urgent cake order.

(Additional charges may apply for urgent cake for same-day delivery)


For customization or modification of cake,

Please kindly get in touch with us at 94511124 (Whatsapp) or email us at

  • Delivery Details

    Delivery Time Slot:

    From 9am - 9pm , every 2-hourly slots

    (For instance, you may choose 9am - 11am delivery slot)

    Additional charges of S$20 applicable for delivery between 9pm - 11:45pm

    ONLY home residential delivery is door-to-door.

    The rest of the delivery locations will be meeting at pick-up/ drop-off point, taxi stand or lobby etc.

  • Cake Size Serving Guideline

    Different Sizes for your guest capacity:

    2 tiers (Size-1):

    Top Layer - 4"

    Bottom Layer - 6"

    Estimate to serve ~ 16 pax


    2 tiers (Size-2):

    Top Layer - 6"

    Bottom Layer - 8"

    Estimate to serve ~ 24 pax


    2 tiers (Size-3):

    Top Layer - 8"

    Bottom Layer - 10"

    Estimate to serve ~ 40 pax


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