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Fondant Cake

Fondant Cake. Use for cake and western pastry surface decoration. It is mainly crafty and hand-make kind of cake, and very different from the normal cakes that we usually perceived. With the fondant sugar as the main materials to replace common whipped cream, covering on the cake’s body together with all kinds of sugar flowers, animals and other decorations, the cakes made is simply delicate and gorgeous just the like of an ornament. With its properties of lasts longer than the normal cream cakes, splendorous and beautiful outlook, easy and flexible in forming and shaping. It has popping up as one of the most popular cakes in foreign countries. It's also becoming the most commonly used cake for weddings and anniversaries.

1. The surface of the cake is kind of sweet, it is advisable to have less consumed.

2. To be kept it under room temperature.

3. Cartoon flowers and other decorations, may have supported by the

use of wooden sticks. Please remove them before consuming, the cartoon shape is dried and can be kept as a souvenir.

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